Hegel Launches ‘Flame-Throwers’ Monoblock

Hegel Music Systems of Norway has unveiled a series of high-performance modular amplifiers based on 150-watt high-current Class AB monoblock modules.

Aimed at the “most demanding” home theater and distributed-audio applications, the new C5 Series multichannel amplifiers are “capable of driving virtually any loudspeaker to its fullest capability,” according to the company. The line comprises the 3 x 150-watt C53, 4 x 150-watt C54, and 5 x 150-watt C55, all rated to maintain peak reserve capability that virtually doubles power output down to 2 ohms for 300 watts per channel into 4 ohms and 550 watts into 2 ohms. Prices start at $6,000, depending on configuration.

At the heart of each model is the latest version of Hegel’s patented SoundEngine2 technology, which “dynamically cancels out all distortion elements created within the amplifier’s circuits…by playing them back in a negative phase, almost like a noise-canceling headphone,” Hegel said, adding that the new amplifiers employ the same concept and layout at the output stage as its H30 monoblock and use 50% more output transistors than its H190 integrated amplifier.



“The technology…combines the power efficiency of Class AB amplifiers with the sonic accuracy of Class A amplifiers, yet without the drawbacks inherent to either,” the company continued. “SoundEngine2 also delivers high-performance and very low bias for cool operation, allowing for installation in a 19-inch custom AV gear rack without requiring active cooling. Another benefit is the high-damping factor (2000), [which] makes for complete control of loudspeaker drivers to deliver deep and accurate bass…”

The C5 amplifiers feature large rack-mount ears and offer versatility through the ability to switch phase individually for each channel as well as select different gain settings. Both RCA line and balanced XLR inputs are provided along with input and output triggers for remote on/off switching.

“The majority of high-end speakers are 4 ohms, and many will dip into 2 ohms, requiring a lot of current to keep music and action peaks fully reproduced,” said Brad Paulsen, national sales manager for Hegel Music America. “However, many amps simply choke at that point…With their massive individual toroidal power transformers stable to 2 ohms, the C5 Series are flame-throwers that will seriously light-up any home theater.”

For more information, visit hegel.com.


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