Samsung announces 75in 4K UHD Micro LED TV at CES 2019

Samsung will be launching its next-gen Micro LED displays at CES 2019.
Micro LED sets similar to OLED sets are both self-emissive, instead of using organic compounds, they use tiny, inorganic LEDs about three per pixel. They take the best of OLED (perfect blacks, stunning contrast, ultra-thinness) and add high brightness with greater longevity. It’s being called by many as the next big step in TV evolution.
Samsung has announced it’s consumer-focused model, a 75in Micro LED display with an aspect ratio of 16:9 ratio and 4K resolution.

The new Samsung display was constructed using 64 individual modules arranged in an 8×8 configuration. The 4K resolution and requirement of three LEDs per pixel means there are 25 million of the tiny things across the panel.

The set is very thin and appears to have no bezels.

Samsung have not revealed a model number, price or release date for the 75in Micro LED TV. We believe it will go on sale in 2020 and will be extremely expensive.

Samsung has announced another version of The Wall a 219in monster.

Its been used by Samsung as a way to demonstrate the possibilities of its Micro LED technology. Because this is modular technology, it can be used to create displays of any sizes.

it can also be used to create displays of different shapes. Samsung 219in Wall has an aspect ratio of 16×9 ratio, Samsung will also demonstrate new configurations that are very unusual, such as a super-wide and thin 5×1 ratio.

Samsung The Wall does seem like a more of a commercial display, but the 75in is what we are excited about, a more consumer-focused model.


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