The Pinnacle of The SVS Prime Series

Speaker and subwoofer-maker SVS took advantage of the low-intensity scene at the Venetian to make a low-key introduction of its new Prime Pinnacle tower speaker (shown at left).

SVS plans for the Pinnacle ($1,500/pair) to be the new top-dog model in its high-value Prime Series. The speaker’s slim cabinet houses three 6.5-inch woofers, a one-inch aluminum dome tweeter, and a top mounted 5-inch midrange driver. Three ports are provided on the back panel that allow for individual tuning of high, midrange, and bass frequencies. SVS featured the Pinnacle in a home theater demo alongside its 3000 series subwoofers, which the company released in November. When listening to a performance of The Police playing live, the affordable system’s dynamic impact and extension was seriously impressive.

The SVS Prime Pinnacle tower speaker will be available this spring.


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10 thoughts on “The Pinnacle of The SVS Prime Series

  1. I have been trying to find better information about the specs of the Prime Pinnacle speakers SVS quietly showed at CES, and the picture of the promotional banner with a few details is far too blurry for me to make sense of it.

    Do you have a better picture of that banner showing the details? I am using a screenshot from your YouTube video.

    Question: do you know if they had bi-amp capability? I think that both SVS Prime and Ultra towers do, but it is impossible to tell from the pictures I have seen.

  2. In the article, it states the price for the pair will be $1,500.00. Is that accurate? What would the price be for piano black?

  3. Still no word from SVS as far as availability or even order date.

    Maybe AXPONA 2019 in Schaumburg next month will shake it loose? They had a prototype in early January, seems like it is time to show the cards.

    $1500 is the target price that they stated, but frankly they didn’t even say if Piano Black would be available. In this price range it is usually around $100 per speaker extra.

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