The Winter NAMM Show 2019: Amphion Flexbase25 Release Date Announced

The Winter NAMM Show 2019 marks the shipping date for the long-awaited Amphion Loudspeakers stereo base extension system – FlexBase25. The new product will be the centrepiece of Amphion’s official NAMM booth (ACC North / #16323).

After the release of the two high-end, low-frequency extension systems (BaseOne25 and BaseTwo25) the Finnish loudspeaker manufacturer now offers a single-box subwoofer system.

Despite being housed in one enclosure, FlexBase25 is far from ordinary. It is a highly-flexible, stereo, bass extension and management system. During the NAMM Show 2019, you’ll be able to experience the new features such as the adjustment options of the crossover frequency, subwoofer level, and mono-stereo spread.

It has been a long road to get it ready, but we are very excited about this launch. I see FlexBase as being an important piece in the puzzle. A lot of modern music is highly bass intensive and lives or dies with its lowest octave. We simply need to get it right. Modern environment puts new demands on the monitoring, which needs to be flexible and adaptive to all tasks. It needs to work from song-writing to mastering, work in all rooms, but still be easy to install.

Anssi Hyvonen, founder and Managing director of Amphion Loudspeakers

FlexBase25 especially addresses the needs of those who write and mix. While neutrality and correctness are requirements at the latter stages of mixing to achieve the optimum level of translation, there is nothing wrong with having things fat, fun and vibey while writing a song. With a turn of a few dials, the system can match what suits the project best for the composer, artist or engineer.

Additionally, the FlexBase25 wins in the fact that it is easy-to-place and simple-to-set-up. FlexBase25 can sit in the centre-line between the monitors. However, it also works well in cases where the monitor will sit on the meter bridge of the console.

Naturally, FlexBase25 pairs excellently with all Amphion products.

The new bass extension is already shipping and available for orders at all Amphion retailers at a price of $4,750/EUR 4,500 (3,750 VAT excluded).

The system consists of a single FlexBase25 stereo tower with two back-to-back 10-inch/250 mm woofers, a 2U FlexAmp500 with proprietary filter module and a cable with a four-pole Neutrik speakON connector.

For more information, head on over to Amphion.


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