Procella Audio will Demo a massive 21.4.10 Dolby Atmos DTS X Auro-3D system at ISE

Procella Audio, the Swedish manufacturers of high-end theater speakers systems, will demo a crazy 21.4.10 Dolby Atmos DTS X and Auro 3D at the ISE show in Amsterdam.

Procella audio announced plans to demonstrate a full on 21.4.10-channel immersive audio system and in partnership with Trinnov Audio.

When Trinnov announced the Attitude48 AV Processor, it gave Procella Audio the large channel layout to play with. Procella Audio says that “we redesigned our sound room to take advantage the larger channel count to produce a truly immersive and cinematic audio experience.”

The setup will come with Dolby Atmos processing with five front channels: you get your left/center/right (L/C/R) plus left center and right center channels. The Procella P8 will take the front five speakers placed behind a 13 x 5.7-foot screen, three Procella P5 speakers as height speakers, and a massive Procella V18 Subwoofers for bass.

The V18 will be dedicated to the front channels and will have an even more monstrous V21 Subwoofer, featuring two compression-loaded 21-inch drivers and powered by a DA5000-DSP amplifier, which delivers 2,500 watts of power to each driver. The V21 is for the system’s LFE channel.

A second massive V18 sits in the back left corner of the room and two P15FP Subwoofers, which has dual 15-inch drivers, powered by a 2,800-watt DA2800-DSP amplifier, are dedicated to the system’s 26 surround- and height-channel speakers.

• Screen channels: Five P8 speakers powered by a DA2800-DSP 
• Screen channels Subwoofer: One V18 powered by a DA5000-DSP 
• LFE/main subwoofer: One V21 powered by a DA5000-DSP 
• Surround/height subwoofer: Two P15s powered by a DA2800-DSP 
• Ear-level surrounds: Fourteen P6Vs powered by a Trinnov Amplitude8 
• Wide channels: Two P6Vs powered by a Trinnov Amplitude8 
• Screen height channels: Three P6V powered by a Trinnov Amplitude8 
• Dolby Atmos top/middle/rear and Auro-3D top channels: Seven Procella P5s powered by a Trinnov Amplitude8 
• Processor: Trinnov Altitude48ext Source: Kaleidescape movie player/server


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