Klipsch C-Series Compact Subs Now Available in the UK

The Klipsch C-Series subwoofer range is now available in the UK through Henley Audio.

Klipsch has launched a new compact, install-friendly subwoofer range that promises to deliver true low-end power to any system. Moreover, the new range hands you complete control over the performance.

The Klipsch C-Series subwoofers are high powered, ultra-compact devices with front-firing Cerametallic woofers and side-firing piano gloss passive radiators for optimised output and low-frequency extension.

The series consists of two models that are approximately 30% smaller in size than average subwoofers, while still delivering the same output and low-frequency power as much larger products.


The  Klipsch  C-310ASWi subwoofer (SRP  £1,500.00) is powered by an 800W  BASH digital hybrid amplifier, has three 10-inch drivers and measures just 13-inches  cubed.  Additionally, its smaller stablemate, the  C-308ASWi  subwoofer (SRP £1,250.00), is powered by a 600W digital hybrid amplifier, has three 8-inch drivers, and is an 11-inch cube.

The ultra-compact cabinets and elegant piano gloss finish ensure the subwoofers blend seamlessly into any environment by looking like a premium addition to your home.

Absolute control is guaranteed in the C-Series subwoofers thanks to the Cerametallic woofers used for the primary active drivers. As used on premium Klipsch loudspeakers, including the high-end RF-7 III, Cerametallic woofers are light and stiff with minimal distortion characteristics. In C-Series subwoofers, the long-throw design allows for greater cone excursion to maximise the low-end extension. Then by marrying the active woofer with side-firing MDF passive radiators, the cabinet can remain small while still delivering more bass power than a typical equivalent model.

Both C-Series subwoofers are loaded with advanced technical features to fully customise the experience for any room type, source material, or placement.

  • The free Klipsch LowControl App, which allows comprehensive control over input, volume, phase, high pass, and EQ customisation for fully-tuned sound environments.
  • Automatic room correction, using the LowControl App and your iOS/Android device’s microphone to optimise the sound settings based on the room configuration and actual listening position.
  • Two-way IP Network control system drivers for Control4, Crestron, Savant and RTI installations, allowing for control over input selection, EQ presets, and gain control, along with device feedback.
  • Unbalanced RCA, Balanced XLR, Hi-Level, and wireless inputs, which can also be used simultaneously and level-mixed in the LowControl App for a myriad of source types and configurations.
  • Compatibility with the new Klipsch WA-3 wireless transmitter (sold separately, £200.00 SRP), allowing the subwoofer to sit away from the amplifier with no unsightly wires to stretch across the room. One WA-3 transmitter can deliver high-definition wireless audio to up-to three C- Series subwoofers.

The Klipsch C-Series ultra-compact subwoofers firmly bring Klipsch into the high-end subwoofer arena, whether you’re a hi-fi enthusiast, a home-cinema nut or an installer looking to bring more low-end strength to your audio environment.

Still, with convenience at their core, they are incredibly powerful and versatile devices boasting the latest technical innovations from a compact chassis that has a luxury aesthetic appeal to complement its sophisticated internal workings.


C-308ASWi has an SRP of £1,250.00, and the C-310ASWi an SRP of £1,500.00. Both come in a gloss black finish.

Visit Klipsch for more information.


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