Bristol Hi-fi Show: ELAC Launches the Navis Series

ELAC launches the Navis Series at The Bristol Hi-F Show, answering every minimalist audiophile’s dream of a no-compromise powered floorstanding and standmount loudspeakers.

Navis is driven by best-in-class amplifiers which are truly deserving of the name “high end.”

While most powered speakers rely on Class D digital designs, ELAC built in 300 watts of pure analogue amplification for incredible power and exceptional sound. Add a Discovery Connect, and Navis becomes a truly wireless streaming system, with Bluetooth, Airplay, Spotify Connect, Roon and DLNA capability.

Inside each Navis Bookshelf loudspeaker, is a tri-amp pure analogue amplifier, employing three separate amps for each transducer: a 160-watt BASH AB amplifier for the woofer, a 100-watt BASH AB amplifier for the midrange, and a 40-watt Class AB amplifier for the tweeter.

A total amplifier power of 300 watts ensures that each transducer is optimally, not to mention amply, powered, eliminating clipping and crossover distortion, and driving each transducer with authority. Specs such as a 110 dBA signal-to-noise ratio and 100 uV noise floor could only come from such audiophile-quality amps.


The floor-standing ELAC Navis ARF-51 is a 3-Way powered loudspeaker with a 1-inch soft dome, concentrically mounted tweeter. Midrange is handled by a 4-inch aluminium driver which is partnered by a trio of 5 1/4-inch aluminium woofers. The specs add up to a claimed frequency response of 43Hz – 28kHz.


The bookshelf-friendly ARB-51, also 3-way powered, consists of a 1-inch soft dome, concentrically mounted tweeter, 4-inch mid and 5 1/4-inch woofer aluminium drivers. Frequency response is 44Hz-28kHz.


Local inputs include balanced XLR, RCA and Wireless, when used with ELAC’s Discovery Connect wireless transmitter to stream Discovery, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, AirPlay and Roon. Just switch Wireless “Off” for no-compromise analogue input and output.

Navis’s elegant design integrates perfectly with any interior. Its enclosure has a fine-furniture finish, available in Gloss Black, Gloss White and Wood Veneer. A dedicated floor stand completes the installation and is recommended for optimum performance.

One reason the Navis sounds so natural is that of the in-house developed transducer, a 4-inch aluminium midrange driver with a concentrically mounted 1-inch soft-dome tweeter.

Combined, this signature configuration lets Navis set the performance standard for its class.

Want to know what they sound like? Head over to ELAC on the 2nd Floor in room 228 of The Bristol Hi-Fi Show.


The Bristol Hi-Fi shows runs from Friday 22nd February through Sunday 24th February 2019 at the Marriott City Centre Hotel, Bristol. To book your tickets for the show head to the Bristol Hi-Fi Show site.


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