The NOW TV Smart Box 4K with Voice Control Review

Got a 4K TV and watch Now TV? Then the Now TV smart box with 4K and voice remote could be the perfect way to enjoy the Sky-owned TV service in UltraHD.

Now TV has a selection of passes available across their two devices, but if 4K is your bag, you’re going to have to invest in the smart box.

We got our hand on a 4K Smart Box with Voice Search to test out for a few weeks.

Check out our thoughts below…

Now TV Smart Box: What is it?
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It’s Now TV’s response to 4K streaming. The latest trend in home cinema, 4K TVs have four times as many pixels as a standard HD TV, meaning that images become punchy and sharper than ever.

4K is even relatively cheap right now, with a lot of TVs now providing 4K capabilities with HDR (High-Dynamic Range) for the same price as a high-end HD TV.

What the smart box does is make it so that you can stream your favourite movies and TV shows in this format – which is great, because it works.

In the box, you get a small, square device (which is black, shiny and pretty cool) and then a voice-control remote. The remote has all the buttons you need – rewind/fast forward/play/pause, Home, Return, volume control – as well a little microphone button.

The microphone button lets you whisper sweet instructions into your remote to make it easier to find content.

Click and hold the button and say “Netflix” and Netflix will appear on your screen. You can use this to find specific movies and TV shows, control the volume and channels and navigate the UI.

Now TV Smart Box: How much does it cost?

The actual box itself is pretty cheap, considering other smart sticks on the market.

You can get the box itself for £45.99 on the Now TV website.

Right now, as of writing (January 30) the Smart Box is actually sold out, but we will keep you posted as and when they start to sell them again. (See below for other sources).

However, you can get a bundle of passes with your smart box on Now TV, securing a month pass for Entertainment, Sky Cinema, Kids and Sky Sports Day Pass for £49.99.

This bundle is also sold out right now, but we will update this once they have more in stock, so bookmark this page if you want one.

You can buy the Now TV Smart Box from a few other retailers for much less: check them out below.

BUY NOW John Lewis – £29.99 BUY NOW Currys PC World – £49.99 BUY NOW Argos – £36.99 BUY NOW Very – £49.99 BUY NOW Littlewoods – £64.99 BUY NOW Ebay – £29.99

Now TV Smart Box: Our thoughts

As you might expect, we watch a lot of content online and through streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix, so we know what works and what doesn’t.

Thankfully though, we can say that we enjoyed using the smart box and think it is an excellent bit of kit.


It was incredibly easy to set up, plugging in the box and activating our account – if you need to activate your Now TV account and Smart Box, click here and follow the instructions.

Once that was all done, we calibrated the box to recognise the 4K HDR settings for our 4K TV and off we go. This feature is immensely helpful if you cant be bothered going through all the settings to make the optimum picture.

The box will scan your TV and automatically adjust to the best quality – job’s a good’un.

With the controller in hand, we were able to quickly navigate to the best movies and TV shows that we knew we would love. The voice search is fun and situationally handy, but ultimately another gimmick that quickly becomes pretty useless after a while unless you want to search for specific actors or directors. 

The home screen is really easy to get around and find what you need, with Netflix, Channel 5, BBC iPlayer, and a slew more all available in the box – though Voice Search will not work with any of these… Boooooo.

The impressive part we found was the upscaling of the box. Shows that were not in 4K are punched up to look clearer and brighter – though this is obviously more beneficial if you have a better-quality TV.

Ultimately, we really liked it and, for the price you pay for the box alongside your subscriptions to the various passes, is pretty reasonable.

If you need an upgrade to your content into a higher quality for your 4K TV without blowing your budget, this could be the option for you.


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