Q Acoustics Concept 300 announced and one of its best loudspeaker

Q Acoustics has announced the Concept 300 standmounts, which the brand says is their ‘most progressive loudspeaker till date’.

The Concept 300s makes use of technological advancements of their flagship Concept 500, which is Q Acoustics’ Dual Gelcore cabinet construction and internal P2P bracing.

That Tensegrity tripod stand is Beautiful and an important part of the Concept 300’s design.

The load-bearing aluminium rods and thin stainless-steel cables where made to reduce external vibrations.

Q Acoustics 300 was made on a concept of Buckminster fuller from the early 1960s and was applied it to couple speakers with stands, which is a more effective way than using traditional spiked stands.

The stand is made up of elements either in compression tubes or tension (cables) and removes reflections through its low surface area.

To further reduce unwanted vibrations, Q Acoustics has built an isolation base plate system, integrated into the bottom of the cabinet, that mechanically ‘grounds’ the speakers. Each standmount rests on four damped springs which is 14kg each, and vibrations are converted into heat using a polyurethane elastomer.

The Concept 300 cabinet has the same Dual Gelcore construction and internal Point to point bracing which can be found in the Concept 500. The concept 300 has a non-setting gel that separates the three layers of MDF so that vibrations from driver movement are transmitted through the wooden layers and converted into heat.

The bracing is fitted to areas inside the cabinet that are susceptible to low frequency reverberations which can ruining the performance.

It has a 16.5cm mid/bass drive paper cone, a brand new rubber surround that helps reduce unwanted cone resonance, with a glass fibre voice coil for larger power handling and reduced dynamic compression. 

The 2.8cm soft dome tweeter has a wide-dispersion technique and decoupled isolating mount which was made for the Concept 500.

The speakers have no exposed screws spoiling an otherwise elegant design either. The Concept 300’s mid/bass driver unit is placed from behind by spring-tensioned retaining bolts. These allegedly also keep torque constant, and you will not be having any problems with traditional screws or bolts loosening over the years because of vibration in the speaker cabinet.

The Q Acoustics Concept 300s with it’s Tensegrity stand come in three different finishes silver/ebony, gloss black/rosewood, and white/oak and are available from March, and priced £2999/$4499.

The demonstration at the UK launch gave a promising hints that they could be a strong contender for a position either side of your hi-fi system.


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