POW Audio Launches Mo Expandable Smart Speaker

For most of us, we would think of a speaker as something that is static and non-expandable, simply because it has tended to be that way for so long. What then if I were to propose the idea of an expandable speaker? This is what the folks over at POW Audio have come up with, a brand new portable audio device that has reimagined the way speakers are built in order to deliver unparalleled sound quality in the form of the Mo. The Mo expandable Bluetooth speaker will rely on POW Audio’s patented WaveBloom technology which can expand to create a passive radiator that supports the speaker’s high-quality drivers using an air-filled chamber.

The added air will end up delivering better bass resonance, bigger volume, and improved overall sound quality. All of these are simply unachievable using a standard, tightly-packed speaker, since that would not have the expansive wave chamber. The Mo can be pre-ordered at the moment with shipping set to commence this coming middle of March 2019. With an asking price of $99.99 apiece, it is certainly worth checking out considering that it will be more than just a novelty.

Another unique feature of the Mo expandable Bluetooth speaker would be its ability to be easily attached to the back of any smartphone via POW Audio’s universal mount. Whenever it is not in use, the Mo can also be folded down flat to the back of the handset, and it is not surprising that the diminutive form factor makes it easy to be slipped into any pocket. The universal mount, as well as a wallet that can be swapped on when Mo is not attached will arrive with each individual purchase of Mo to help new owners get started right out of the box.

Mo will also boast of Stereo Sync that sees a couple of Mo speakers getting paired in order to spread left and right channels while boosting amplitude for an immersive, true stereo experience. One can choose from Snow and Graphite color schemes for this water-resistant and UV stable speaker. With Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity and USB-C charging, it will offer up to 8 hours of music playback on a full two-hour charge time.


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