Oh my! While rivals revamp a nice speaker range looking for pay dirt, some end up with Fool’s Gold. Not Monitor Audio.

This UK specialist speaker brand knows all too well about meddling with speakers that work and work well. That’s why it took a long, considered look at its existing Gold range of speakers before embarking on a comprehensive update.

After paring back the existing range of Gold models that comprised two compacts and two centre channel speakers and embarking on a redesign, the fifth generation Gold series was born.

The range consists of the Gold 100 compact, Gold C250 centre, Gold 200 and 300 floorstanders, Gold FX surround speaker, and the Gold W12 powered subwoofer.


Monitor Audio’s Gold Series is perched below the brand’s Platinum models and above the Silver, Bronze and Monitor ranges. 

Noteworthy though is the welcome news that the new Gold models benefit from some of the whiz-bang technology used in the Platinum models.

All the 5th-gen Gold models have mid/bass drivers that use RDT (Rigid Diaphragm Technology) that sees a slim C-CAM, Nomex honeycomb centre coexist with a woven carbon fibre rear skin to deliver a structure that’s feather light but stiff and rigid.

The entire range also exploits Monitor Audio’s MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) tweeter, and every cabinet has plenty of damping and judicious amounts of bracing.

Each cabinet has been tuned with a HiVe II port that is said to “enhance bass and deliver a decent working dynamic range.”

Pricing for the 5th Gen Gold models is as follows: Gold 100 compact $3,659, Gold 200 and 300 floorstanders $7,769 and $9,999, FX dipole surround $4,769 per pair, Gold C250 centre channel $3,109, Gold W12 subwoofer $5,549 and speaker stands $1109 per pair.

Paul Clarke, General Manager for a Monitor Audio’s Australian Distributor, A Plus Brands, is excited by the 5th-gen Gold’s arrival:

Once you see the beautiful cabinetry you can easily be convinced that you are in for a real treat.

And then, once your ears hear the brilliant sonic performance you understand the value of trickle-down technology from the flagship Platinum series, a feature making the new Gold range incredible value for money.

The new Monitor Audio 5th-gen Gold Series will be available at the end of February 2019.

For more information visit your local specialist.


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