Epson launches new Laser Projectors

Epson Korea released two new laser projectors that can be used for business conferences and exhibitions to expand its share in the fast-growing high-resolution projector market here, the Korean unit of Japan’s Seiko Epson announced Tuesday.

The firm came up with the EB-L12000Q and EB-L20000U projectors, which the company described as compact in size and capable of producing superior-quality images compared to its competitors.

Epson Korea said the country’s high resolution projector market has seen rapid growth as it estimates the market for projectors with more than 10,000 lumen brightness has recorded an annual growth rate of 111 percent.

Epson’s EB-L20000U projector

Epson Korea CEO Yasuo Shibusawa said the Korean unit will lead the rapidly growing high-resolution projector market with new projectors.

“Many people think of Epson as a printer maker for household purposes. In addition to the printers we have developed, we have manufactured and sold various products ranging from large printers for industrial purposes to industrial robotics products,” Shibusawa said during a press conference at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul. He added the projectors will lead innovation at conferences and exhibitions.

Though the firm didn’t provide detailed numbers, it set a goal to take a market share of more than 30 percent in the high-resolution projector market with the two new products.

“We are estimating about 110,000 projectors were sold here last year,” said Kim Dae-yeon, general manager of Epson Korea. “With the two new projectors, we expect to have monthly sales of between 600 million won ($533,000) and 700 million won ($622,000). Our goal is to take a market share of more than 30 percent in the high-resolution projector market in Korea.”

Epson Korea said the new projectors use its signature 3LCD technology to secure high image quality.

The 3LCD technology splits the white light into three primary colors of red, blue and green beams, using three LCD panel chips. Epson claimed projectors using the 3LCD technology can produce a higher color light output than products using a single chip.

Keijiro Naito, deputy chief operating officer of Seiko Epson, said Epson has led the world’s projector market for 17 straight years. “This year marks the 30th anniversary since we took part in the projector business in 1989. We have a global market share of 36.4 percent,” he said. The firm said it also led the Korean market with a share of 38 percent.


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