Full details on the Ophidian P3 Evo Flagship Loudspeaker

The P3 Evolution from Ophidian pleased many who heard it at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show the other week. Now we have some more details and pictures.

The P3 Evolution is the new flagship floorstander in Ophidian’s P-series range. We saw it for the first time at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show, and now we have further details.

This 3-way floorstander features triple 150mm aluminium bass drivers, a dedicated 50mm midrange dome and a 27mm Sonolex coated fabric tweeter. Of course, there is also the familiar Aeroflex bass loading system.

By eliminating the effects of the cabinet, the sealed midrange unit adds layers of extra detail to music.


The high-performance 3-way floorstander offers incredible detail and substantial dynamic range, something that I can testify to having heard it myself.

The 150mm bass drivers feature large magnets for outstanding transient response and stiff but lightweight aluminium diaphragms. Their combined surface area offers 20% more output than the twin drivers in the P2 for increased headroom and dynamics.

Additionally, the bass drivers feature copper clad aluminium voice coils, long throw suspension and low loss rubber surrounds allowing them to displace large volumes of air with minimal distortion.

The P3 is unique in the Evolution range in that it features a dedicated 50mm fabric dome midrange unit in its own sealed unit. The design provides even greater midrange clarity and eliminates the influence of the cabinet entirely from this critical frequency range.

The 27mm tweeter features an incredibly lightweight Sonolex coated diaphragm capable of producing an exceptionally lifelike sound. A tuned rear chamber and high power handling allow a low crossover point to blend seamlessly with the output from the midrange dome.

The 25mm thick floating baffle is mounted to the chassis via a flexible gasket which prevents much of the vibrational force generated by the drive units from transferring directly to the cabinet walls.

By acoustically isolating the drive units from the cabinet, colouration is significantly reduced, and an incredible depth of detail and separation is revealed.

The combination of a cabinet structure built from plywood rather than the more common MDF and a clever floating front baffle arrangement set the P-series apart from other loudspeakers in this price range.

Plywood is stronger and has better internal damping than MDF. Along with their unique AEROFLEX technology, this allows the P3 Evolution to produce a smoothly controlled and extended bass performance.


The P3 will be widely available very shortly and will be initially available in Oak and Walnut finishes.

All feature satin black front baffle with a choice of finishes for the cabinet.


  • Frequency response – 32hz to 30khz
  • Sensitivity – 90dB (2.83v)
  • Recommended power – 100 to 250 watts
  • Impedance – 4 ohms
  • Dimensions – 1024mm H x 192mm W x 315mm
  • Plinth dimensions – 232mm W x 320mm D
  • Weight – 27kg

UK retail price is £5,000 inc. VAT


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