Axpona 2019: Raidho Unveils TD4.1 Loudspeakers

Following the success of the flagship TD.8, Raidho adds T for Tantalum to its D4.1 to create the TD4.1 loudspeakers.

Proudly designed and built in Denmark, Raidho chief-designer, Benno Baun Meldgaard and his team took the technologies used in the TD.8 and improved the D4.1 to create the TD4.1.

Carrying on the beautiful design of Michael Børresen, the TD4.1 floorstanding loudspeakers have moved on to the next level boasting the company’s acclaimed Tantalum-Diamond-drivers and an updated ribbon-tweeter.

Adding the Tantalum-coating to the already excellent Diamond-drivers achieves an even stiffer cone. The 5-layer cone also sports even higher levels of inner damping. In combination with the upgraded magnet system with the new SD-cap, stronger magnets and better voice coil. 

The upgraded tweeter also gets a more powerful magnet system, making it more sensitive, but retains the trademark Raidho open and detailed sound. Finally, inside of the cabinet has also been improved which results in a deeper frequency response and a sound that is more natural while providing a vast soundstage.

The upshot of all these upgrade is that the TD4.1 gives the qualities of the TD4.8, but in a size that will suit more rooms.

Raidho will debut the TD4.1 at  Axpona in Room 434. However, we will have to wait a little longer til we meet these new speakers at High End Munich 2019 in Atrium 4.2 Room E 227.

Recommended retail prices:

  • Glossy black – 100.000 euros.
  • Walnut burl or any custom colour – 125.000 euros.

Visit Raidho for more information.


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