Screen Innovations’ popular Solo Screen gets new designs

Austin, Texas-based projection-screen specialist Screen Innovations (SI) has announced a “ground up redesign” of its popular Solo motorized screen.

Slated for release April 2, the new Solo 2 screen will be available in sizes up to 106 inches (diagonal), with a 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio, and features a cassette that’s 17% smaller than its predecessor, which is touted as having the “smallest cassette ever made.” The cassette will be offered in 12 designer colors, including orange, taupe, teal, slate blue, and Ferrari red.

Screens will be sized in 1-inch increments and available in a dozen materials, running the gamut from SI’s Slate and Unity material to Pure White and Pure Gray (rated up to 8K) to 360 (for front and back viewing) and short-throw (optimized for short-throw projectors).

The Solo 2 is also capable of reverse orientation, which enables a screen to be dropped in front of wall art or a flat-panel TV “without obstruction concerns.”

Power alternatives include a new AC option plus rechargeable lithium and low-voltage (24 volts), available in two-way RS485 and RTS dry contact or RF (radio frequency) versions. The rechargeable motor option features a patent-pending charging system with a cable that attaches magnetically to the charging port. SI says charging is required only once every 2 years.

CEO Ryan Gustafson said the Solo 2 screen was born out of listening to SI customers over the past year. “Everyone loves Solo but wanted more size, more power, reverse roll capability, serviceability, and robustness. We are delivering exactly that with Solo 2, a completely re-engineered product. And by completely re-engineered, I mean absolute simplicity.”

Pricing is available through SI’s network of authorized dealers.

Visit screeninnovation for more information or to pre-order.


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