Montreal Audio Fest: Bryston Announces New flagship Active Speaker System

Bryston today announced plans to formally unveil a new active speaker system at the Salon Audio Montreal Audio Fest, which opens Friday and runs through Sunday, March 24 at Hotel Bonaventure in Montreal.

The Active Middle T-Rex system was previewed in January via a memo Bryston sent to its customers. It comprises a pair of tall, slender tower speakers powered by two of Bryston’s new 21B³ amplifiers.

In the memo, Bryston’s James Tanner wrote:

Just finished setting up a new pair of Bryston Active Middle T-Rex loudspeakers in the Bryston Sound Room (7.5 x 17 x 23) Number One.

What you will notice with the Bryston T-Rex speakers is not necessarily their ability to play at real world volume levels without distortion.

It’s the ability to always sound at ease with the dynamic levels of the music and the capability to render low-level details and resolve miniscule dynamic contrasts.

Multiple drivers just have the ability to pressurize the room with realistic levels and also having the woofers at the floor and ceiling loads the room much better, allowing for much smoother bass throughout the listening room…

What’s very interesting is as you move around the room it does not change much due to the very wide and smooth dispersion capability (both vertically and horizontally) of the Bryston T-Rex.

Pricing was not announced but the memo included an impressive graph of the system’s in-room frequency response at the listening position, which showed T-Rex duo to be flat below 20 Hz.

The speakers will be demonstrated with an arsenal of Bryston gear, including the BDP-3 digital player, BDA-3 DAC (digital-to-analog converter), BP-26/MPS-2 preamp, and BAX-1 digital active crossover. Bryston balanced interconnects and speaker cables will also be used along with a BIT20 power conditioner.

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