Chord Electronics has announced a significant firmware update for Poly, the wireless streaming module for the Mojo DAC/headphone amp.

The new firmware (V2.0.0), dubbed ‘Poly 2’ in recognition of its wide-ranging improvements, includes Tidal and Qobuz support via your favourite third-party DLNA Apps.

Chord Poly 2 update

Poly 2 is the first major firmware update for the portable high-resolution streamer/player. The update introduces wide-ranging performance benefits, including improved Bluetooth, DLNA and Wi-Fi, plus Roon Ready Certification as well as critical updates to the configuration switch.

The new firmware will roll-out with an over-the-air update from today using what the trade calls “single-jump firmware update methodology”. Basically, this enables Poly to get the latest version even if you have skipped iterations – no need to go through all the other updates first.

The Poly 2 firmware update follows the recent announcement of Gofigure for Android, which saw Poly’s dedicated configuration App made available for Android devices following its iOS debut.


Chord Poly 2 update

Poly is now fully Roon Ready certified. Poly now benefits from the full backing and support of the company, who is now offering assistance for Poly owners using its software. The update also provides improved network playback performance, including Bluetooth convenience switching to/from Roon Ready mode.


Poly’s DLNA capabilities have also improved to include integration of popular streaming services including Tidal and Qobuz, the addition of Internet Radio support, a DSD rendering update, plus gapless playback support (where supported by the Client App).


A new Wi-Fi driver brings improved performance and flexibility and is faster over 2.4GHz networks.

Additionally, Bluetooth has also been improved offering better co-existence with Wi-Fi.


Both Android and iOS apps gain Tidal and Qobuz credentials entry, Internet Radio support with the ability to add favourite radio stations, a Wizard update with improved Hotspot/Wi-Fi switching capabilities. Furthermore, after the Poly 2 firmware (V2.0.0) has been installed (along with the new Apps), you will be prompted when future Firmware is available enabling a choice of install timing.

Visit Chord Electronics Streamers page to find out how to get the update.


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