AXPONA 2019: Reborn KLH Audio To Debut An All-new Line

Now, under the ownership and leadership of former Klipsch Global Sales President David P. Kelley, KLH offers music enthusiasts an all-new line of high-performance, value-oriented stereo, home theater and personal audio products. Marking KLH’s first consumer exhibition, AXPONA 2019 (April 12-14) attendees will be able to experience the brand’s Kendall tower speakers, Albany bookshelf speakers, Ultimate One headphones and talk in-depth with the team about the exciting rebirth of this legendary brand.


During Audio Expo North America (AXPONA) 2019, KLH is ready to show Chicago just what these boys from Indiana can do. Since the company’s launch in 2018, KLH has been one of the most talked about brand comebacks in the consumer loudspeaker world, with the company launching a deep line of in-room, architectural and personal audio solutions. Now, at AXPONA, attendees can experience first-hand the performance of the brand’s products, with regular demonstrations of the Kendall floostanding towers, priced at $1,298 (MSRP) per pair, alternating with the Albany bookshelf loudspeakers at $956 (MSRP) per pair.

The KLH in-room loudspeaker line-up consists of 12 models. As a nod to the brand’s history, each is named after a street in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the birthplace of KLH. Models are the 3-way Kendall, Quincy and Cambridge (2-way) floorstanders; Ames and Albany 2-way bookshelves; Story center channel, and Beacon and Broadway surrounds. Powered subwoofers include each a 10- and 12-inch model within both the Stratton and Windsor series. In the summer, the company will release a 1,000-watt Class AB amplified dual 12-inch side-firing subwoofer, the Stratton MH212.

All the speakers boast real-wood veneer finishes over MDF cabinetry, powerful performance-rich Kevlar drivers and anodized aluminum dome tweeters. To maximize floorstanders’ bass performance, KLH incorporated low resonance driver chambers with hand-tunable baffle ports. The company offers 10-years warranty on passive speakers and 5-years on powered subwoofers.

AXPONA attendees will also be the first consumers in the world to experience the KLH headphones. The Ultimate One are classic open-air/over-ear headphones with real ebony wood finished earcups complemented by hand-stitched headbands and ear pads made of premium-grade cow leather and sheepskin and filled with high-density microfiber fill. Inside are 50 mm (2-inch) pure beryllium drivers that deliver extended frequency responses to 22KHz.

Also new are the Ultimate Two wireless, hand-tuned, sound-isolating in-ear monitors that utilize a 11.5 mm dynamic driver with balanced armature. These feature Bluetooth aptX technology as well as an easily accessible 3-button wireless remote control, and are offered in a jewelry-like, high-gloss pearlized black finish.

“This is a momentous occasion, to be bringing KLH to AXPONA,” says KLH CEO and President David P. Kelley, who after leaving Klipsch as Global Sales President and Board Member, purchased KLH in 2017, assembled a team of former Klipsch and industry executives and created a line of premium in-room and architectural speakers and headphones, brought to market in the beginning of 2018.

“KLH is one of the most storied and revered audio brands in the world, founded by one of the most iconic engineers in the history of consumer electronics,” added Kelley. “I am taking the brand back to its roots, to Henry Kloss’ original mission, to build world-class loudspeakers and radios at affordable prices.  I am proud to be the new owner of KLH and will honor Henry and his many contributions to the audio industry through the introduction of our extraordinary new KLH products and remain excited to present the brand at AXPONA.”

KLH CEO and President David P. Kelley,

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