B&W Formation Debuts with true hi-fi sound from a wireless multi-room system

Bowers & Wilkins just launched five new wireless products as part of a multi-room system, its called B&W Formation. This is the new wireless product of B&W’s partnership with a Silicon Valley technology company, B&W Formation will deliver true, hi-fi sound quality from a series of wireless products and will be able to deliver a whole-home audio system.

The B&W Formation consists of five products at launch: the Formation Duo active wireless speakers, the Formation Wedge wireless speaker, a Formation Bar soundbar, a Formation Bass subwoofer and the Formation Audio wireless hub. And they’re built for premium audio market, with prices to match.

The Formation products were designed in-house and uses a patented mesh network. B&W’s engineers claims the Formation range delivers an industry-leading, “imperceptible” synchronisation of under one microsecond between the Duo speakers and milliseconds between components. B&W says this is way ahead of other wireless competition.

You can also get the B&W Formation app from the Android and iOS stores, for controlling the system and streaming music services, as well as support for Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, Roon Ready, aptX HD, Bluetooth 4.1 and 96/24-bit high-resolution audio.

Leading the range is the B&W Formation Duo costs ($3999), a pair of fully active, wireless speakers. They use the same 6.5in Continuum driver that are found on the B&W 800 Series and a 1in carbon-domed tweeter. The Formation Duo comes with a futuristic look, available in white or black.

The B&W Formation Wedge costs ($899) and is a wireless speaker system which comes with a 120-degree elliptical design, and is looking like an upgrade to the famous B&W Zeppelin. On the Inside, you’ll find five speakers, each with its own amplification; 2 x 1in double-dome tweeters, 2 x 3.5in FST midrange speakers and a 6in subwoofer.

If you’re looking to connect your older passive products to a Formation system, that’s where the Formation Audio ($699) comes into play. This wireless system allows you to connect your CD player, turntable or other product to the Formation multi-room system. This wireless hub has digital and analogue inputs and outputs (RCA and optical). 

And it’s not just pure audio products, the B&WFORMATION BAR ($1199) and FORMATION BASS ($999) are a soundbar and subwoofer built at upgrading your AV experience. With Nine drive units including a dedicated centre channel inside the Formation Bar for clarity of sound.

The B&W PV1 has been reimagined in the shape of the Formation Bass wireless subwoofer, which uses 2 x 6.5in opposed drivers and Class D amplification.

The B&W Formation system is on sale now in the US, and is due on sale in the UK on 29th April.


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