High-End Munich show: Verity Audio Lakme Loudspeakers To Be Unveiled

Verity Audio will be introducing its new Lakmé loudspeaker at the High-End Munich show.

The Québec-based company is touting Lakmé as being an “innovative addition to Verity’s high-quality loudspeakers line.”  

The new Lakmé loudspeaker comes with an inherited and unique floor isolation system inspired by the maker’s MASIS technology (Mechanical & Airborne Sound Isolation System). What you have is a flexible floor-friendly tripod system that also enables easy loudspeaker leveling.

The Lakmé sits between the acclaimed Verity Finn and Otello models and offers a dual-passive radiator topology for easy room placement, as well as excellent dynamic range.

Lakmé’s driver complement includes Verity’s unique soft ring-dome tweeter for extended resonance-free high-frequency reproduction, a custom-made midrange driver offering a break-up free natural midrange and a combination of a custom-made woofer and those dual passive radiators for fast and precise bass.

With options of black or white satin lacquer complete with a high-gloss black or white woofer front panel, the speakers are certainly lookers.

We are also told that Verity will release a limited edition front woofer panel every now and then. Interesting.

Additionally, just take a look at the amplifiers, processors, and DAC that will also feature in Verity’s demonstrations.

Find out more in Atrium 4, Room F-122 of High End Munich 2017.

System 1:

  • Lohengrin IIS played with the Verity Audio Pro-4 processor
  • Verity Audio AMP-60 power amplifier x 2

 System 2 :

  • Verity Audio Lakmé loudspeaker
  • Verity Audio DAC
  • Verity Audio AMP-45 power amplifier

Atrium 4, F-219

  • Sarastro IIS loudspeakers

Atrium 4, F226

  • Amadis S


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