High-End 2019: PSI Audio To Unveil Héritage3 Active Home Speakers

Following prior demonstrations in prototype stage, Swiss speaker manufacturer PSI Audio has confirmed it will introduce officially the Héritage3, the company’s first home entertainment speaker, during the High-End Munich show. Visitors to the High End and Axpona shows in 2018 have already experienced a glimpse of the company’s purposely designed hi-fidelity speaker, based on the technological prowess and expertise of more than 40 years of developing professional speakers and studio monitors.

As PSI Audio confirms, the new Héritage3 combines established proprietary technologies like Compensated Phase Response (CPR) and Adaptive Output Impedance (AOI) with exciting exterior design and an all-new circuitry, bringing professional sonic accuracy to the living room. Visitors to the High End 2019 show will also be introduced to some key aspects of the company’s philosophy, including presentations on topics like room mode elimination and active loudspeakers.

PSI Audio’s expertise in designing professional monitors now culminates in the Héritage3: an active floor-standing speaker newly developed for the living room. While the Héritage3 was specifically designed for home use from the ground up, PSI engineers were able to draw on the expertise gained from developing the brand’s renowned three-way studio monitors. The result, the company states, provides a high-end experience that combines professional level sound, where the DSP-free, completely analog circuitry is combined with an enclosure design featuring 45-degree angles to reduce secondary emissions and achieve a perfectly flat frequency response within 1 dB across the entire spectrum.

For living room applications, the incredible sound is often not enough. Home entertainment speakers need to look the part – they have to become a piece of beautiful designer furniture that is as easy on the eye as it is on the ear. PSI Audio designed the Héritage3 to merge acoustic design and unique, elegant looks. Its shape is both discreet and exciting, with a combination of black and European walnut wood finish.

Inside the wooden housing of the PSI Audio Héritage3 are three drivers: a 10-inch woofer, a 5.8-inch midrange driver, and the entirely handmade 1-inch dome tweeter. These drivers are powered by efficient Class G/H amplifiers, providing more power with less distortion. The amplifiers drive 170 W for the woofer, 80 W for the medium range and 50 W for the tweeter, resulting in a total continuous maximum SPL of 109 dB for a single speaker. 

The phase response is just as linear as the frequency response due to PSI Audio CPR technology, while the transient reproduction is perfected through Adaptive Output Impedance, continually monitoring the membrane movement and feeding it back into the amplifier. The spectrum ranges from 28 Hz to 23,000 Hz at 1 dB tolerance.

Like all products from PSI Audio, the Héritage3 is built in the company’s own manufacture in Yverdon-Les-Bains, Switzerland. All steps from development to final assembly take place there. Every single speaker is individually measured and calibrated in the anechoic chamber with Swiss precision. From the smallest components to the finished product, PSI Audio goes for perfection down to the very details.

PSI Audio will present the Héritage3 and its active bass trap system, the AVAA C20 in room A 4.2 E226 (Atrium). PSI Audio will share the room with Weiss Engineering and there will be technical presentations throughout the day, with PSI Audio covering the topics of low-frequency modes in room acoustics and the logical evolutions towards active loudspeakers.

Visit psiaudio.swiss for more information.


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