Falcon Acoustics is buddying up with Balanced Audio Technology to unveil the HP.80 2-way floorstander, the first of the new Falcon V series models. We are also promised a peep at the new active versions of the LS3/5A.

The highly-regarded UK manufacturer will be taking the wrappers off the first of the V-series speakers at the Munich Show this year.

The Falcon HP.80 2-way floorstander (not one V to be seen!) features all-new Twaron /Graphene composite cones, exclusively developed and manufactured in-house by Falcon Acoustics. The speaker’s 2-way vented system makes use of twin 180mm (7.0-inch) Twaron/Graphene bass units, partnered by a 28mm dome tweeter with profiled loading. Response speed and tonal balance were the focus here.

The V Series sports a slender, elegantly styled and critically damped cabinet which has been hand-built by Italian specialists to ensure the best possible quality and finish. The baffle is computer-profiled for minimal diffraction and, internally, chamfered drive unit apertures reduce driver compression.

Mounted on a 1.6mm laminated FR4 PCB, the crossover design comprises precision-wound, close tolerance Falcon Acoustics custom air core inductors, polypropylene capacitors and non-inductive resistors on gold-plated double side 2oz copper tracks.

The HP.80 stands on CNC machined outriggers housing adjustable Falcon Stainless Steel spikes and is scheduled for launch in September in a range of natural wood veneers. Typical retail prices are expected to start at £13,000 pair.  

Falcon Acoustics/Balanced Audio Technology Munich Show demonstrations are at Hall 3 Stand L10. The sessions will also feature cables and interconnects by Straightwire and stands and racks by Solidsteel.

Falcon Acoustics’ HB.80 demonstration system will feature the following:

  • Balanced Audio Technology VK-655SE Solid-State Amplifier x 2
  • Balanced Audio Technology REX II Tube Preamplifier
  • Balanced Audio Technology REX DAC Tube DSD DAC
  • Balanced Audio Technology VK-P12SE Tube Phono Preamp
  • MoFi UltraDeck+M turntable with MasterTracker MM cartridge, MoFi Super Heavyweight Puck/Clamp
  • MoFi UltraPhono MM/MC 40-66dB gain PhonoStage
  • Primare CD35 Prisma


Sharing the Falcon Acoustics/Balanced Audio Technology sound cabin at Munich will be the first exhibition demonstration of Falcon Acoustics’ Active LS3/5a. DSP voiced to match the production Classic BBC Falcon Acoustics LS3/5a; the active version will appear in its pre-production format, supported by a system comprising:

  • Primare PRE35 Prisma with DAC
  • Primare R15 Phonostage
  • MoFi StudioDeck+U turntable, with  UltraTracker MM cartridge,  MoFi Super Heavyweight Puck/Clamp

Other designs on display include Falcon Acoustics Reference and ST 30 speakers, Kingswood Warren Limited Edition LS3/5a and Classic LS3/5a monitors; the BAT VK3000SE integrated amplifier, Primare’s I35 Prisma amplifier and its DD35 CD transport.

It certainly looks worth a visit, and after hearing the Falcon/Primare teamwork at Bristol a couple of months ago, we know it’s going to sound great.


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