Focal Unveils 40th Anniversary Collection In Munich

Focal is really pulling out all the stops as it celebrates its 40th anniversary this year at High-End Munich.

Chalking up 40 years since its creation in Saint-Etienne in 1979, the French brand has developed some special anniversary products which are currently on show at the High-End exhibition in Munich.


Spectral 40th sports the legendary K2 Power cone and a pure Beryllium tweeter. This neo-retro styled 3-way bass-reflex loudspeaker promises high-end performance.

Scala 40th is the epitome of limited edition as there will only be 4 pairs produced.

If you are lucky enough to grab one of the high-end Scala Utopia Evo 3-way floorstanding loudspeakers, you will be able to show off its unique Black Silver finish. The mirror effect of the side panels combined with the matte Graphic Black front panel gives it an elegant and modern look.


Focal already produces some natty in-car audio kit, and they have announced the F40th that includes Flax sandwich cone speaker drivers and a pair of pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeters. A 5-channel amplifier and an 8-way audio processor (DSP) for electronics complete the kit. This marks the first time that tech previously only found in the brand’s Kanta range of hi-fi loudspeakers is available in an in-car audio package.


Focal obviously recognises that, without composers, sound engineers, musicians and the rest, we’d have nothing to listen to on our wonderful home systems. To that end, the French company has given its Solo6 Be active studio monitor a black coating and stamped it as a special ’40 year’ edition. Behind this brand new finish, you still get the usual Beryllium inverted dome tweeter and the bass/mid speaker driver composed of the brand’s composite sandwich cone.


Focal has produced some well-received audiophile headphones, and so it makes sense to offer some anniversary head-fi which it has and called it Symphonie 40th. The very limited edition collector’s case has been designed to provide two listening experiences: intimate listening at home with Utopia open-back headphones combined with the DAC and amplifier Arche; and on-the-go listening with Stellia closed-back headphones alongside the high-definition QPM Questyle player. These personal sound solutions come in an exclusive numbered case, shrouded in a Macassar ebony veneer.  


  • Spectral 40th – June 2019
  • Scala 40th – June 2019
  • F40th – Already available
  • Symphonie 40th – Autumn 2019

Discover the “40th Collection” at the Focal stand: Studio E/F – Atrium 4 (2nd floor) at MOC Munich.


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