Vimberg, the German speaker maker, has released more details about its Amea stand-mount speaker.

The Vimberg Amea 2-way full range loudspeaker, as standard, sports an Accuton 30mm ceramic tweeter and a 173mm Accuton midrange woofer. Augmenting the low end is the 220mm aluminium sandwich passive woofer, also from Accuton. Naturally, the cabinet has been designed to allow all those drivers to breathe and move the right amount of air so that speed and accuracy are maintained.

But there’s more. You have a choice of tweeter. Sure, the Accuton ceramic number will deliver clarity and openness, but you can also opt for the “reference choice” of an Accuton 30mm pure diamond tweeter. This, they call, Amea D.

The high-midrange unit woofer of the Vimberg Amea is installed into an aluminium front plate on internal aluminium mountings. Aluminium is the material of choice due to its resonance behaviour in combination with the resonance absorbing waterproof HDF fibre laminate.

Additionally, Vimberg has used Argento binding posts moulded out of a fibre-reinforced polymer, and so avoiding any magnetical interference with the conductor itself. Internally each Vimberg speaker is wired with a true high-end coaxial cable.

Whether you choose Amea or Amea D you get a crossover that is second to none in design and effort, so says Vimberg. They tell us that not only is the quality of parts and execution exceptional, more critically the topology was designed specifically for these drivers. This adds up to superb off-axis performance, ultra-linear frequency response and incredible timing as far as the Hürth-based company is concerned.


The Vimberg Amea is priced at €11,000 per pair and the Amea D at €18,000 per pair.


  • VIMBERG MRD-cabinet with decoupled aluminium high-midrange mounting plate
  • 1 x 30 mm Accuton Cell ceramic tweeter
  • 1 x 173 mm Accuton ceramic midrange woofer
  • 1 x 220 mm Accuton passive radiator
  • Optional: 30mm Accuton Cell diamond tweeter (Amea D), also upgradeable anytime later
  • High-end Mogami speaker cable wiring inside, Argento pure silver binding posts
  • High-end crossover with VIMBERG monopulse technology: linear frequency response with optimized impulse response
  • Exclusive use of Mundorf & Duelund components
  • Exclusive VIMBERG real piano lacquer: summit white or jet black


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