Epson’s first portable projector is small and mighty

Epson has announced the EF-100W/B, the company’s first portable laser projector that’s compact, lightweight and can project images up to 150 inches wide in HD

Epson is bigging up the portable aspect of its latest projector, with a design that offers a degree of flexibility in terms of use.

The EF-100W/B caps out at HD and comes in two stylish looking finishes. Measuring 23cm at its widest, it can fit into the tiniest of spaces and troubles the scales at just 2.7kg.

The EF-100W/B uses Epson’s laser technology which has a long shelf-life (up to 20,000 hours) and doesn’t require much, if any, maintenance, pitching this as a more convenient option for the casual watcher looking to boost their film and TV experience.

Epson claims the EF-100W/B can deliver a bright and vibrant image in day conditions, removing the need for turn off the lights or watch in a blacked-out room.

By implementing a laser source and placing the heat vents and power connection on the projector’s side, it grants a wider scope in terms of placement, so the video can be projected to a wall, ceiling or floor. And with an image that can extend to 150 inches, if it appears off-kilter adjustments can be made via the projector’s Keystone correction feature.

The sole HDMI 2.0 port means you can plug in any HDMI-supporting device whether that be a laptop or an Amazon Fire TV Stick. This plug and play functionality also extend to audio options with the EF-100W/B having its own built-in speakers, Bluetooth connectivity for external speakers and headphone jack. The projector also has options to tweak the sound mode depending on what you’re watching.

“This projector offers something different to our portfolio. As well as being stylish, it offers great functionality for home users with its compact size and long-lasting and high-quality laser light source.”

Amy Ng, product manager, Epson Europe.

It’s available to buy now and comes in two finishes (white/grey and black/copper). It’s priced at £999.99.


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