Review: BenQ TK 800 | Cheapest 4K HDR Projector for Bright Rooms!

The BenQ TK800 is an affordable 4K HDR Projector especially made for bright rooms and has a lot of brightness and vivid colours.

This is the BenQ TK800: a 1000$ Ultra HD 4K projector for all your entertainment needs. This fancy piece of hardware is not your regular Amazon projector, but a professional home projector capable of cinema quality.

The big selling point of the TK800 is its high brightness. With 3.000 lumens it’s amazingly bright and works awesome in a well-lit room. You can go up to 100 inches or more without losing the 4K quality. Although it has high brightness, it’s not essentially an outdoor projector since it’s not dust or waterproof. This is a projector which could replace your television since the room can be well lit and you’ll still have a clear image.

I’ve tested the TK800 for about a month with intense gaming on a PS4 Pro and watching movies. The video quality is really crisp and clean even on a white wall which I projected on. It’s even better on a real projection screen, unfortunately, I had no room to put one and still get a big image. Choices…

Although they say on the site that it has a Cinemaster Audio +2, The sound quality from the projector is okay but not good enough, so you’ll definitely need to invest in a speaker system if you want to have the full experience. I had no issues with latency when gaming so this can definitely be used for gaming purposes. There’s also a special sport modus for football fans, which boosts the image a bit and makes it more vivid and real.

The auto keystone correction is nice but pretty common. Overall with 10.000 hours of use on one lamp, this can replace your television if you want to. At 1.000$ it’s not cheap, but if you want to get a 4K tv this size, you’ll need to invest even more.

The TK800 is a great projector for gaming, watching movies or sports and works great in well-lit rooms which is awesome if you want to use this during the day and don’t want to close off all your windows.


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