KEF’s LSX Wireless Speakers Get New Mounting Accessories

The LSX compact two-speaker wireless music system from KEF truly depicts what a modern fully integrated wireless music playback system should encompass. A great pair of active speakers that directly support music streaming services, with decent amplification and DAC, and truly convenient to use.

Now, KEF announced the arrival of the LSX Accessories ranges expanding that convenience even more. The accessories include the S1 Floor Stand ($349.99 / pair), the B1 Wall Bracket ($229.99 / pair) and the P1 Desk Pad ($179.99 / pair), available from August 2019.

The KEF LSX speakers are one of the best wireless systems that money can buy these days. There’s nothing cheap in the nicely designed and robust curved cabinet and Uni-Q driver array system, truly in line with KEF’s high-end products, and available in a choice of five colours – Black, Blue, Maroon, Olive and Gloss White. The LSX speakers directly support Spotify, Apple Music (via AirPlay 2) and Tidal via Wi-Fi, DLNA network drives/servers.

The paired wireless speaker design features two 30W and two 70W Class D amplifiers alongside dedicated DACs, and uses a proprietary wireless inter-speaker connection that supports 24-bit/48kHz and can use an optional wired connection (RJ45 Ethernet) to support 24-bit/96kHz digital audio signal transmission, with the ability for playing out files up to 192kHz from the Optical input (TOSLINK).

The radio module supports Bluetooth 4.2 with Qualcomm aptX codec and 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity (DLNA/uPNP). There is even an analogue 3.5mm AUX input and a subwoofer output, and the system support 3rd party programmable remote controls and IP control.

Now, the only thing missing is the possibility not to have the speakers simply placed in a shelf or standing flat on a desk. And that’s why KEF now launched the LSX Accessories range, so we can have extra options for placement in the best possible positions.

The S1 Floor Stand is designed for those who want to let the sound of the LSX fill the room. The stand features an aluminium structure with a fillable pillar, providing a stable base for the speaker whilst the integrated cable management provides a clean, mess-free aesthetic for the LSX. Perfectly versatile, the black or white design allows it to seamlessly fit into any home.

The black or silver B1 Wall Bracket is an adaptable and easy to install accessory to match the ‘plug-and-play’ nature of the LSX. Enhancing the listening environment, it features cable management, an integrated mounting system and an adjustable dial to allow easy rotation for an elegantly simple LSX experience.

In a black or silver finish, the P1 Desk Pad is ideal for a variety of uses from desktops to low TV cabinets and provides a 10° upward tilt. 

In addition to the new accessories range, KEF recently announced the introduction of Apple AirPlay 2, an update available with the new firmware deployed over-the-air and working across all existing products.

The LSX Accessories range is available from August 2019 at the following suggested retail prices:
S1 [$349.99 / pair]
B1 [$229.99 / pair]
P1 [$179.99 / pair]

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