Pro Audio Unveils New S and SR Series Home Theater Loudspeakers

Pro Audio Technology has announced two new series of loudspeakers, the S and SR Series. The three new models, S-12sm, SR-12ai, and SR-212ai are designed to reproduce the “unrestricted dynamics and power” of commercial cinema experience, but in a more compact form factor targeted at home theatre environments.

The new S series includes “enhanced cosmetics” with more discreet enclosures, what the company suggests are its best-looking loudspeakers to date. The loudspeakers will replace existing PRO models: S-12sm replaces SCRS-12sm, S-12ai replaces SCRS-12ai, and S-212ai replaces SCRS-212ai.

The speakers use professional-grade components, with both the S and SR series employing 1.7-inch Ultra-Purityä high-frequency compression drivers mounted on elliptical wide coverage horns, promising to provide improved dispersion of high-frequency energy and dynamic range, while reducing harshness. The S-12sm and SR-12ai are designed to sit behind an acoustically transparent screen and include a 12-inch 1,400W long-throw woofer with 4-inch voice coil, and the latter’s 7-inch slim enclosure is promoted for installations where space is limited. The SR-212ai also proffers a shallow enclosure while supporting dual 12-inch long-throw woofers.

PRO’s DSP controllers allow the S and SR series to capitalize on proprietary digital signal processing for high-resolution frequency response contouring, dynamics processing and critical time alignment. The company also provides system designers with engineering data, including EASE complex polar data, and complete 360-degree on- and off-axis response measurements. Integrators will, therefore, be able to model acoustic performance of a system during the system design process.

PRO’s S and SR Series loudspeakers will begin shipping late July. For more information, visit Pro Audio Technology.


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