ARC Genesis is the new room correction for Anthem, Paradigm and MartinLogan

ARC Genesis is now the newest third-generation room correction software for ARC (Anthem Room Correction) which are on Anthem, Paradigm and MartinLogan products.
As it comes with new features, it is also the most comprehensive version yet.

Algorithms have been improved for this third-gen software, and there are now new target curve adjustments including deep bass and high frequencies, as well as support for both Mac and Windows.

Unlike the older receiver-based room correction systems, ARC Genesis utilises the more powerful processor of a PC or Mac to perform the calibration process. It measures and adjusts the output of each speaker in any set-up configuration, it also corrects peaks and dips in a speaker’s frequency while also working to preserve the beneficial acoustic attributes of a room.

Using proprietary DSP software working in tandem with a calibrated microphone (provided with many ARC and PBK enabled products), the ARC Genesis software measures the in-room response from multiple measurement points (from 5 up to 10) and compares it to the ideal response, which is calculated by taking into consideration the sonic signature and necessary gain of your room. From that comparison, a custom equalisation curve is generated for each speaker.

ARC Genesis can also be used with many older Anthem and Paradigm products that are ARC or PBK enabled, and works with any microphone supplied by Paradigm, Anthem or MartinLogan.

Alternatively, the ARC Mobile app allows you to optimise ARC-compatible kit using either the internal microphone of an IOS device (for all measurements) or an Android device (for bass measurements), or via an optional calibrated mic that connects via the headphone jack
 or lightning connection (IOS) or USB (Android).


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