Denon launches the PMA-600NE Integrated Amp, DCD-600NE CD Player

Denon just announced two audio components sure to appeal to music enthusiasts who are on a budget or looking to put together their first hi-fi system.

Slated to ship in September, the PMA-600NE integrated amplifier ($399) and DCD-600NE CD player ($299) are part of the company’s New Era line of affordable audio gear that promises “unparalleled” performance for the price.

“No product leaves the factory until it has the Sound Master seal of approval,” said Denon sound master Shinichi Yamauchi. “Our team in Japan meticulously listens to every product to ensure the voicing and build quality is consistent with other Denon New Era series products.”

The PMA-600NE supports Bluetooth streaming and is equipped with three digital inputs (two optical, one coaxial) and five analogue inputs, including a phono connection fed by a high-gain EQ circuit. The amp features a 24-bit/192-kHz digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) and draws on Denon’s Advanced High Current (AHC) amplifier technology to deliver 45 watts per channel into 8 ohms.

Denon says the power section is designed to ensure high dynamic range and extended the frequency response and includes a user-selectable Analog Mode that disables the digital inputs and Bluetooth for pure analogue operation. The attention to detail extends to the chassis, which is designed to minimize vibration while increasing signal isolation.

The PMA-600NE CD player is also built to minimize vibration and incorporates Denon’s proprietary AL32 technology that uses data interpolation to bring out musical detail. A user-selectable Pure Direct Mode deactivates the display to keep the audio signal as clean as possible, and signal paths are as short as possible to reduce interference and preserve signal integrity.

“Denon wants to take the risk out of choosing your first hi-fi system,” said Michael Greco, Denon’s senior director of brand management. “The PMA-600NE and DCD-600NE deliver the power, build quality, essential features, and sonic precision found in much more expensive components. The amp and CD player are a great steppingstone for the music enthusiast looking to begin their journey into hi-fi.”

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