Aipower Wearbuds Can Do More Than You Think

Why put your earbuds in the pocket when not in use, if they can be in your wrist, charging to be ready again when needed? And what if a wristband could also be a charger and a fitness tracking device at the same time? Wearables and Hearables combined, that is what Aipower proposes, with the Wearbuds, the world’s first wristband-housed true wireless earbuds. Designed for ultra-portability, and fitness tracking, Wearbuds are now available after a Kickstarter campaign.

According to the company, the innovative patented design enables the Wearbuds to offer a unique true wireless experience, with the earbuds stored and charged in a fitness band which is managed and controlled by a dedicated app. The patented Wearbuds provide the freedom to have wireless earbuds without the need to carry a charging case, all from a lightweight device. And the TWS design also provides improved audio quality with Bluetooth 5 connectivity, on-wrist charging, and fitness tracking features. 

The earbuds are also IPX6 water-resistant and the fitness band is IPX5 certified. Through the app, users can receive on-wrist notifications, and they can interact with the app using intuitive tap controls on the earbuds. Powered by an ARM Cortex, the wristband features seven sensors, including a pressure sensor for TFT screen. The device acts as a fitness tracker and measures heart rate, calories burned, footsteps, and even offers a sleep monitor.

Powered by Qualcomm’s smart audio chipset with aptX, the Wearbuds offer flawless audio quality, while the graphene-coated drivers ensure hi-fidelity sound. Available in shiny white, and shiny black, the design fits snugly into the wearable smart fitness band, which offers a fitness tracker, and a charging station for the earbuds. The earbuds can be used one at a time (mono mode) and offer 5.5 hours of playtime. The wristband is recharged using a dedicated magnetic charging cable and charges the band from empty to full in just 90 minutes.  

The hybrid silicone ear-tips achieve effective passive noise cancellation and touch-sensitive controls allow users to tap and press to adjust the volume, change tracks, play or pause, and access the phone assistant. The Wearbuds allow handling calls from any earbud whether from the left, right or both sides.

The brand, Aipower, is a Chinese subsidiary of AUKEY, a company known for power banks, cables and earphones. The new bold concept is available for preorder on the Wearbuds website and on Amazon for $199. 

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