Fri. Dec 9th, 2022
Beolink Multiroom is now available on Beosound Level, Beosound Balance, Beosound Emerge, and Beolab 28.

The software update also offers connectivity to Bang & Olufsen music systems on previous Beolink Technologies to integrate seamlessly with today’s Beolink enabled products.

Bang & Olufsen’s longstanding commitment to connectivity and compatibility has been a key differentiator since the early 1980’s when the company pioneered multiroom audio technology with the launch of Master Control Link. In 1986, Bang & Olufsen introduced Beolink Multiroom, which provided compatibility throughout all generations of its products and is the only multiroom audio company with 36 years of ensuring compatibility at a system level.

Now, Bang & Olufsen is celebrating 40 years of industry-leading multi-room by introducing Beolink Multiroom technology for its latest Audio Technology Platform in Beosound Balance, Beosound Level, Beosound Emerge, and Beolab 28.

This brings Beolink connectivity to its latest technology platform, bridging Bang & Olufsen’s longstanding heritage of connected products from 1986 and spanning different technologies and music formats, including turntables, CD players, Mp3 media, to the latest streaming media and music services. This showcases Bang & Olufsen’s commitment to securing future connectivity and supporting longevity.

Whether enjoying a classic record on the Beogram 5500 turntable from 1986, now streamed wirelessly to the dining room through the latest Beosound Level speaker, or breathing new life into the iconic Beosound 9000 CD player by pairing it with the recently launched Beolab 28 speakers; the possibilities are endless, according to the Danish firm.

Additionally, this means you can control your entire Bang & Olufsen system with either your Beoremote One, Beoremote Halo or the Bang & Olufsen app, thanks to Beolink integration.

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