Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

Headphone brand beyerdynamic has announced it’s ergonomically shaped earphones and will be launched at CES 2019 January 8 in Las Vegas.

It was built to ensure comfort and the right fit on the ear, the new Soul Byrd ($89) earphones come with a flat housing that makes them ideal for sleeping without any damages. It comes with Five different-size silicone ear tips which are designed to ensure a secure fit with any ear.

Outside noise is non present thanks to a closed design.

The earphones comes with a three-button remote control and a microphone which are compatible with Android and iOS devices, it also provides flexibility with media playback, phone calls, and voice-enabled virtual assistants, such as Google Assistant and Siri.

It comes with many accessories which comes with a detachable 4-foot minijack cable with a clip and a hard-shell carrying case.

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