Tue. Dec 7th, 2021
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The award-winning KEF R Series Loudspeakers are on sale this month and they won’t last long at these prices. Black Friday is here already.

Black Friday sales generally offer lower-tier products with heavily discounted prices but finding KEF R Series loudspeakers on sale right now is actually quite unusual.

Does this mean the LS50 II Wireless Loudspeakers or Meta will be on sale as well this year?

Is KEF about to replace the current lineup? Probably. Does that negate the excellent sound quality of these fantastic loudspeakers that are almost never on sale?

Not one iota.

With technologies and designs borrowed from the KEF Reference line, R Series does more than just pay homage to the famed hand-built audiophile class of loudspeakers. This line was engineered to perform well above its price range, and all speakers are discounted, including the popular R11 three-way floorstanding speakers.  

All speakers are offered in a black gloss, white gloss, or walnut finish.

KEF R Series Loudspeaker Sale
KEF R Series Deals

The KEF R Series is not exactly inexpensive so any opportunity to put together a 5.1 home theater system out of the R5 or R7, a single pair of R3s, and the R2c center channel speaker for around $1,400 less than the normal retail price is a rather good deal.

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