Tue. Dec 7th, 2021
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Klipsch is celebrating its 75th Anniversary with 75 pairs of commemorative Klipschorn loudspeakers for only $25,000 per pair.

There are few American loudspeaker brands as iconic as Klipsch. Founded by the late-Paul W. Klipsch in 1946 in a tiny shed in Hope, Arkansas, Klipsch has remained true to its founder’s ideals for more than seven decades. Paul Klipsch developed the legendary Klipschorn with the premise of recreating the sound of live music in the home. 

The corner horn Klipschorn has been in production for over 70 years and still delivers on Klipsch’s four key design elements: high-efficiency/low distortion, controlled directivity, wide-dynamic range, and flat frequency response.

Klipsch 75th Anniversary Klipschorn AK6 Loudspeaker Grilles On

Paul Klipsch designed loudspeakers that were easy to drive, directed sound directly towards the listener in an attempt to minimize the room’s impact on soundstage depth and width, could reproduce both the quietest and loudest sounds with both clarity and free of distortion, and sounded as transparent and uncolored as possible across the entire frequency spectrum.

The Klipsch Heritage Series has become the darlings of the hi-fi press in 2021 (after being ignored for many years) and it’s great to see the brand earning the respect it was denied after it became a “home theater” company turning off audio snobs around the globe.

Klipsch is celebrating its 75th birthday in the old way that makes sense.

Klipsch 75th Anniversary Klipschorn AK6 Loudspeaker No Grille

The 75th Anniversary Klipschorn AK6 features a fully enclosed low-frequency horn cabinet, offering more placement versatility in the listening room as the enclosure functions as a corner, delivering powerful bass performance and improved imaging. A 1” titanium tweeter and 90° x 40° Tractrix® horn extends the output of high frequencies beyond 20kHz.

Klipsch 75th Anniversary Klipschorn AK6 Loudspeaker Side Profile

Special 75th Anniversary Klipschorn speakers also feature:

  • Unique real wood teak veneer and lambswool grilles chosen specifically to highlight the elegance and longevity of the 75th anniversary Klipschorn, while paying homage to the mid-century modern design tenets present in the Klipsch Heritage series.
  • A nostalgic 75th logo on front of speaker with a natural diamond that accentuates the specially designed logo made of sterling silver, hand-applied enamel, and rhodium plating.
  • A commemorative plaque with laser engraved serial number, date, and signature of the craftsperson.
  • An exclusive engraved commemorative, record-size box that contains a 75th anniversary book, poster, a lighted logo sign, a pair of Klipsch T5 II earphones engraved with the 75th logo, a set of four leather coasters, a free one-year membership to the Klipsch Museum of Audio History, a three-month Qobuz membership, and a certificate of authenticity.

Each Heritage speaker continues to be designed and handcrafted in the USA, grain-matched using wood veneer panels from the same timber, resulting in a speaker pair that is indistinguishable from the other. They are also backed by a 10-year warranty.

Klipsch 75th Anniversary Klipschorn AK6 Tweeter Exploded
Klipsch 75th Anniversary Klipschorn AK6 Loudspeaker Interior Fully Horn Loaded
Side Profile

Price & Availability

The 75th Anniversary Klipschorn AK6 loudspeakers (MSRP $25,000/pair) are now available exclusively at Certified Klipsch Heritage Dealers.

If you have $55,000 burning in your pocket, the brand new McIntosh MC3500 MK II Tube Power Amplifier would be a great partnering amplifier to the 75th Anniversary Klipschorn speakers. One can dream.

More attainable speakers from the Klipsch Heritage line-up include the Klipsch Forte IV Loudspeakers, Heresy IV, La Scala, and Cornwall IV.

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