Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

Audeze Co-Founder and CTO, Dragoslav Colich, has received the 2021 George and Carolyn Counnas Innovation Award from the Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society for his life’s work and achievements. The award was presented Sunday, December 5, at the Society’s annual gala in Los Angeles. Dragoslav Colich was recognized for his extraordinary life’s work with planar magnetic transducers and his overall contributions to the audio industry.

The George and Carolyn Counnas Innovation Award is an initiative of the Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society (LAOCAS) to recognize pioneering innovation in design and engineering for the reproduction of music. “Thank you LA & OC Audio Society for this award. To be so honored and recognized by one’s colleagues and friends is a very rewarding experience,” said Audeze C.T.O Dragoslav Colich 

For over 40 years, Dragoslav Colich’s research has been dedicated to planar magnetic physics, material science, and industrial design. As one of the founders and Chief Technology Officer of Audeze LLC, Dragoslav Colich has patented revolutionary planar magnetic designs that consistently set new performance benchmarks for headphones, winning numerous awards and being recognized among the best headphones in the world.

Apart from headphones, Dragoslav Colich has ventured multiple times into speaker design, from designing fully integrated high-end speakers systems to the innovative Dragonfire planar magnetic desktop speakers (, he is known as the force behind numerous projects and innovations fostering the audio industry in Southern California. Audeze was founded in 2008 and remains a company owned and operated in the USA.

Dragoslav Colich’s most recent efforts are recognized in Audeze’s latest patent of an Electroacoustic Transducer Assembly for electrostatic diaphragms, which was applied in the company’s latest CRBN Electrostatic headphones, and another related patent on Active noise control with planar transducers, including active and adaptive noise cancellation. This last one was key in the CRBN headphone project for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) applications. Specifically, on the transducer front, Colich was granted patents on “Non-Axisymmetric and Non-Horn Phase Plugs,” and a “Planar Magnetic Electro-Acoustic Transducer Having Multiple Diaphragms,” among many others.

The Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society has been supporting the audio community for 28 years and serves as a gateway to the audiophile world to both beginners and discerning enthusiasts. Through events, news, and awards the Society’s panel of experts help provide a guide to the ever-changing audio landscape.

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