Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

The newest and most premium model in Marshall’s headphone line-up are now available for pre-order, and, on paper at least, they’re everything Marshall fans could ever wish for.

The big draw here, aside from their stylish over-ear design of course, is the Monitor II ANC’s active noise cancellation, which has three modes on, off and ‘Monitoring Mode’  that can be switched between using the on-cup ANC button.

The wireless headphones, which use the latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard, also boast an impressive battery life: up to 30 hours of wireless playtime with active noise cancelling and up to 45 hours without. 

If you’re heading out and need to charge in a hurry, Marshall promises you’ll get up to five hours of wireless playtime from just a 15-minute charge, too.

Marshall has also added the helpfulness of Google Assistant to the Monitor II ANC wireless over-ears. With a press and hold of the M-button on the headphones, you can tell Google to play your favourite playlist, predict the weather, read your text messages or give you directions. 

Their collapsible design means that they should be a top travel companion. And aside from the ANC button and M-Button, Marshall’s newest and most premium headphones also feature what Marshall is calling a “Multi-Directional Control Knob” for controlling music playback and phone functionality. 

Firmware updates for Monitor II A.N.C. will occur automatically, via the Marshall companion app, and in the box you’ll get a USB-C charging cable, a detachable 3.5mm cord, and a canvas carry bag.

The Monitor II ANC headphones, priced £269 (€299), are available to order now, with an on-sale date of 17th March

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