Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

The Melco N50-S38 streamer storage has been added to the Melco lineup. In keeping with the company’s traditional styling, this audiophile component features a 3.84TB SSD and improved motherboard and a new power supply that the manufacturer claims is up 25% more power than previous models.

In addition to an SSD for any audio file, the Melco N50-S38 has four USB ports, a USB DAC output, and two Ethernet connectors, one of which is designed for external streamers.

The Melco N50-S38 also boasts Roon Ready certification, so the device can be seamlessly integrated with a Roon-based system. In addition, through the application, the user will be able to stream Hi-Res music from Tidal and Qobuz services.

Melco N50-S38 Music Library

The N50-S38 facade has a display and control buttons. Also placed on the front panel is a USB 3.0 input. The chassis of the model is made of 1.7 mm aluminum. Newly redesigned base legs are responsible for the decoupling. The novelty is available in black and silver cases.

In the US, the Melco N50-S38 streamer storage costs $5,500.

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