Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Apple’s Mac iPad debut is just less than 24 hours away, it’s launch kicks off tomorrow in New York, but we already have an idea of the plans of apple and what there are about to unveil.

Bloomberg has given us a hint of the plans of Apple, who plans on releasing their MacBook Air, Mac mini and iPad Pro.

The report states that Apple has made some new upgrades to its new products, which includes a larger LCD screen, an upgraded better camera, and a far more faster processor. The screen will be a bit larger than their last years model 10.5inches, which was launched last years summer.

Apple’s new iPad Pro comes with a new Home button and face ID for your screen unlocking, it also comes with a finger scanner, there will also be an Apple Pencil, in terms of design it has an edge to edge screen design like their iPhones and has a slimmer bezel.

Apple’s new iPad may come with a new USB-C charging port for ultra-fast charging, which will be Apples first time to add USB-C to any of their products. If these rumors are true, then that will make it the first time Apple will using a custom Apple graphics chip in it’s iPad.

Apples new iPad will cost a lot then it’s predecessors and will cost over $1,000 when it’s launched worldwide.

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