Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

Qobuz and THX have partnered to deliver even greater value with a new THX Onyx Dongle DAC. A free three-month subscription to the platform.

Qobuz did a very smart thing. It gave one of the best marketers and evangelists in the business a much bigger opportunity to promote the hi-res streaming platform to the masses. David Solomon is both a gentleman and a scholar, and a wonderful resource when it comes to streaming issues and hi-res audio. David will be joining us soon on the podcast to discuss all things Qobuz and streaming.

The platform made a very smart move partnering with Sonos and it has now announced a new partnership with THX that we really like. We reviewed the THX Onyx Dongle DAC earlier this year and it’s definitely one of the best available.

Qobuz, the leading digital platform for streaming and downloading high-resolution music, and world-class audio and video certification and technology company, THX Ltd., have announced a partnership to make seamless, enjoyable, high resolution (hi-res) listening more accessible to music lovers worldwide.

Starting today, the portable THX Onyx™ digital-to-analog amplifier dongle (DAC/Amp) will be bundled with a three-month complimentary subscription of Qobuz, offering plug-and-play 24-bit sound quality from a variety of listening devices. 

THX Onyx is a portable USB DAC/Amp that provides improved audio enjoyment over wired headphones. THX Onyx, with its powerful THX AAA™ and ESS chips built-in, effortlessly handles Qobuz’s top hi-res streams at 24-bit/192 kHz, along with every other resolution the music service offers.

“The sound quality of Qobuz through THX Onyx is breathtaking,” said Jason Fiber, chief operating officer and senior vice president, THX Ltd. “Qobuz streams unaltered full and high-resolution audio. The Qobuz and THX Onyx pairing is ideal for the purist and enthusiast alike who want to enjoy the music as it was recorded and intended to be heard.” 

THX will also join Qobuz for a Livestream to offer tips, tricks, and details to audio lovers about enjoying hi-res music. David Solomon, chief Hi-Res evangelist at Qobuz, and THX audio engineer Andrew Mason will be featured for a THX x Qobuz “Qobuz Live:” October 14th at 4 pm ET streaming from the Qobuz USA Facebook page –                                             

With an extensive catalog of exclusive Hi-Res releases across genres (including the likes of Christian McBride, Tower of Power, Frank Zappa, and more), liner notes and lyric books found nowhere else, plus exclusive essays, artist playlists, and more, Qobuz continues to establish itself as the music lovers’ streaming and download service.

Paired with the THX Onyx, users will be able to get Qobuz’s top-of-the-line content and listen in Hi-Res with ease. A sample playlist is available for music enjoyment here.

Dan Mackta, Qobuz USA managing director said of the partnership, “THX Onyx USB DAC/Amp is a great piece of hardware that gives an instant upgrade to your listening, and a means to ensure that Qobuz sounds amazing when listening over your favorite wired headphones!”

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