Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022
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Questyle Audio Engineering, the Chinese engineering company that first used the concept of current amplification for audio fifteen years ago with their Current Mode Amplification, has released their new flagship product, the Questyle Audio CMA Fifteen.


Questyle’s patented Current Mode Amplification uses current, instead of voltage, to amplify audio signals. The Questyle Audio CMA Fifteen is the first Questyle headphone amp and DAC to feature the ESS SABER ES9038PRO.

When reflecting on the past 15 years and what the CMA Fifteen means for Questyle, Founder/CEO Jason Wong stated, “We’ve built upon these last 15 years of research to reach even further and to bring Current Mode Amplification to its highest pinnacle yet with the CMA Fifteen. We have even spent the last three years of pre-research working with ESS on integrating the ES9038PRO.”


The CMA Fifteen includes new input options for modern listening methods, including Bluetooth 5.0 with LDAC support, USB Type-C, and analogue RCA inputs, as well as the standard USB Type-B, S/PDIF, and optical inputs. The CMA Fifteen also supports up to DSD 512, PCM 705.6/768, and MQA full decoding, as well as Apple Music Hi-Res Lossless (up to 24-bit/192kHz) when connected to Apple devices via USB.

Front panel of the Questyle Audio CMA Fifteen Headphone Amp and DAC


The multi-functional CMA Fifteen also has the ability to serve as either a DAC and integrated headphone amp, or as a DAC and preamp for an external stereo system, with its variety of output options. These updates come in addition to maintaining including true DSD, low distortion levels, and an elegant, design. You can even use the CMA Fifteen as an analogue RCA amp/preamp when you want to enjoy your favorite vinyl records.


Digital Input: USB x 2 (Including a high-priority USB Type-C interface and a USB Type-B interface)

Optical Input x 1: PCM: 44.1kHz~192kHz/24Bit

Coaxial Input x 1: PCM: 44.1kHz~192kHz/24Bit

Bluetooth Input x 1: SBC, AAC, LDAC (At the highest level of 96kHz/24Bit, 990kps/909kps)

PCM: 44.1kHz-768kHz/32Bit

DSD: Native DSD512; DoP DSD256

MQA: Full / Core decoder

USB input supports UAC 2.0. It supports Win XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10,

Linux, MAC OS, and other operating systems. It also can be connected to smartphones supporting OTG audio output.

Note: Windows system under Win10 will need to install the ASIO driver developed by Questyle. Win10 system supports DoP DSD256 without installing the driver and supports Native DSD512 with the driver installed.

Analogue Input: RCA x 1, 2Vrms standard level

Headphone Amplifier Output: 6.35mm standard headphone jack x1, 4-PIN balanced headphone jack x1, 4.4mm balanced headphone jack x1

Note: You can set High/Standard bias through the BIAS switch on the front panel of the headphone amplifier, and set Standard/Low gain through the four Gain switches on the bottom of the headphone amplifier.

Pre-Amp Output: XLR x 1, RCA x 1

Note: The output level can be set by Standard/Studio switch and volume can be controlled by ADJ/FIX switch on the rear panel.

Headphone Amplifier Output Specs

Max Output Power:

6.35mm: 188mW @ 300Ω 1.5W @ 32Ω

4.4mm balanced / XLR 4-PIN balanced: 765mW @ 300Ω 2W @ 32Ω

THD+N: <0.0003% @300Ω; <0.001%@32Ω

Frequency Response: ±0.2dB (DC-22kHz) @ 48kHz/24Bit

SNR: 6.35mm: >117dB; 4.4mm balanced / XLR 4-PIN balanced: >120dB

Pre-Amp Output Specs

Max Analogue Output Amplitude: RCA: 2V (Standard), Studio mode output up to14dBu, XLR: 4V (Standard), Studio mode output up to 20dBu, THD+N: RCA: 0.0004%; XLR: 0.0003%

Frequency Response: ±0.2dB (DC-22kHz) @ 48kHz/24Bit

SNR: RCA: >116dB ; XLR: >119dB

Rear panel of the Questyle Audio CMA Fifteen Headphone Amp and DAC


$2,499 USD

€2,220 Euro

£1,900 Pounds

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