Sat. May 28th, 2022
KEF has just announced the addition of Spotify Connect and Roon streaming playback to the LSX wireless music system.

If you recall, we were there at the UK unveiling of KEF’s mighty two-speaker, all-wireless music system. The new and affordable system can stream from a multitude of sources enabling you to listen to true stereo with KEF’s proprietary between-speaker wireless connection.

Now, with built-in Spotify Connect, Spotify’s entire library can be streamed directly from the cloud without interruption via high-quality network connections. Furthermore, you can watch videos, play games, answer phone calls and more, without causing pauses or disruption to the music.


It gets even better too thanks to Roon streaming playback integration. Now, you can take advantage of the full high-resolution audio capabilities of the LSX while enjoying the flexibility of networked audio and the amazing Roon music browsing experience. If you own other streaming platform devices such as Chromecast, Airplay, Roon Ready, Roon will allow you to combine your LSX with these other devices as a complete system, managed by one app. I really cannot praise the Roon user interface enough.

Finally, and for a limited time starting from right now, you can register your LSX or LS50 Wireless music systems and get 6 months of free Tidal HiFi Music Streaming for free. Registration is easy using KEF’s Control app.

Adding Spotify Connect and Roon streaming to your LSX is straightforward too through KEF’s over-the-air update capabilities. LSX also features Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity as well as TOSLINK optical and line-level auxiliary inputs.


For info KEF LSX: KEF

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