Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

New UK company Titanic Audio launches a range of three moving coil cartridges with a nautical theme.

Titanic Audio’s Model A, Model S and Model G moving coil cartridges are being offered by the new UK-based company born of Titan Audio.

The name Titanic, of course, is synonymous with the city of Belfast – the capital of Northern Ireland where the company is located, and the keen-eyed will have noticed a particularly nautical flavour of how the cartridges are shaped. This, apparently, is also functional as well as aesthetic.

We’re being told that the Titanic Audio project has been in the pipeline for many years, with the company carefully developing, researching and selecting the best materials and components to ensure that absolutely no corners are cut.

Titanic Audio aims to produce globally competitive, true high-end pick-up cartridges that offer excellent value and optimum performance qualities within their respective price points. The Belfast company states that each model in the range has been subjected to extensive and rigorous sound assessment, alongside comparisons to marketing leading products in each price class.

Titanic has used high-quality machined acrylic, aluminium and carbon fibre, as well as calling in the experience of sister company, Titan Audio, regarding the quality of wiring in the designs of all three models.

The Model A weighs 6.1g and features a CNC-machined acrylic body around a carbon fibre monocoque frame with a conical jointed diamond stylus at the end of an aluminium cantilever attached to an 0.024mm OFC coil with a 7 ohm impedance with a 0.35mV (1KHz, 5cm/s) stated output level.

The next level up is the 9g chrome-plated aluminium-bodied Model S, which sports an elliptical nude diamond stylus at the end of its aluminium cantilever. It works with a 0.02mm OCC coil whose impedance is quoted as measuring 10.5 ohm. The cartridge is built around a carbon fibre monocoque frame to offer incredible dampening and structural support, says the brand.

Finally, the current range-topping Model G has a 9.5g gold-plated aluminium body with a micro ridge stylus at the end of its boron cantilever attached to a 0.025mm OCC coil with 6 ohms impedance. Output level is quoted as 0.28mV (1KHz, 5cm/s).

The listed frequency response for all the cartridges is 20-20KHz ±1dB, and they all require a recommended 1.8g of tracking force.

The output voltage of the cartridges is designed to offer the best possible balance between micro detail and signal level, making them an easy match for all specialist MC capable phono stages.

We are promised that the result is a performance level that delivers at the highest expectations and beyond. Additionally, the company emphasises that all their products are hand made in Northern Ireland, by a team of highly-skilled technicians.

The Titanic Audio cartridges are available now, with the Model A costing £1,750, the Model S priced at £3,500, and the Model G ticked at £8,500.

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